Careers for Carers (CforC)

Main goal is to respond to the difficulties of recruitment in the field of personal services by attracting young people to the healthy ageing sector, training them and providing employment tips.

Digital capacity building for VET teachers and trainers

The main goal of the project is to increase the digital skills of teachers, trainers, coordinators, administrative staff of organizations and VET providers. Partner organizations will develop cooperation on the application of digitized environments in education and training through new methods and approaches to learning and teaching.

Skill me 4 Job (SOS4JOB)

Overall goal of the project is to implement innovative online training in the field of soft skills development through the Essential Skills Program platform. In this way, an innovative opportunity to learn about soft skills will be provided, which will contribute to the awareness of the public and target groups about the importance of education in the field of soft skills.

FeASibility of Implementing the Essential Skills Program for Adult Education ORganizations, Educators and Learners – ASPIRE

The main objective of this project is to test the skills modules and promote the use of the Essential Skills Program (ESP) among adult education organizations, teachers, learners (young adults, low-skilled, unemployed, migrant) and NGO staff in Croatia and the Netherlands.

Regional Center of Competence Mlinarska

Aim of the projects is to establish the Regional Center of Competence in the health sector and build programme, material and human resources to ensure the Center’s excellence.

Regional Center of Competence Mlinarska – Building of Center

Aims of the project is to increase the relevance and quality of vocational education in the Republic of Croatia.

Education For Work and Sports in Zagreb Tourism

Purpose of this project is to contribute to the growth of employment and poverty reduction through activities that help vulnerable groups of unemployed persons under the age of 30 to improve their skills and become more easily integrated into the labor market.

Specialist Graduate Professional Study in Optometry

Aim of the project is to develop new Specialist Graduate Professional Study in Optometry on English.

Mobility and Ambition to New Added Values to Adult Learners

The overall goal of the project is to: enhance teaching processes based on innovative teaching methods; contribute to further development and implementation of e-learning; and improve the quality and efficiency of educational processes through better human resource management.

3D in Croatian Tourism – Training for the Shipboard Host, Host of Accommodation Capacities and Host of Family Tourist Farm

Aim of the project is to increase the employability of 50 unemployed persons from vulnerable groups of people under the age of 25 and over 54 by acquiring the expert knowledge, general competences and soft skills through innovative, market-justified and learning based outcomes training programs, guided and mentored by professionally educated and highly qualified experts from hospitality tourism sector.

Improving Literacy in the Zagreb Health School

Aim of the projects is to develop and implement 10 new facultative/extracurricular subjects within the school curriculum focused on the development of natural, mathematical, digital, media, reading, multicultural and multilingual literacy.

Training for Manager in Health Tourism

Aim of the project is to develop a training program for a manager in health tourism. The need for managers in health tourism emerges from the geographic position and inexhaustible great potential of the Republic of Croatia.

Training in Palliative Care

Aim of the project is to improve the participation of adults in lifelong learning programs in ​​LAG Moslavina, Zagreb and Zagreb County by developing the new professional training program in the growing healthcare sector developed to meet employers’ needs.