Upskilling for Manager in Health Tourism

Training program for the manager in health tourism is the first program of this kind in the Republic of Croatia targeted for people who are somehow involved or would like to work in some form of health tourism (medical tourism, health tourism, wellness). It is targeted for people who work in a team of health tourism providers or want to work independently and become manager in health tourism, or so-called facilitator. This training program for manager in health tourism enables the learner to acquire learning outcomes and competences needed for working as a manager in health tourism who connects users with health tourism providers.

This target-oriented program which consists of 194 hours (six months) is carried out by combining multimedia (e-learning) and regular classroom teaching, WHICH enableS US to train participants to be a link between healthcare users and healthcare providers in short period of time. This innovative way of implementing education allows learners from all over Croatia with reduced travel costs to attend the training, ALSO and the time of implementation is adjusted to working time and the responsibilities of the participants.

Existing higher education programs educate managers of health institutions, and this new program is developed to prepare facilitators or managers in health tourism for the labour market. Along with changing legal regulations and the existing Health Care Act, which are currently the biggest obstacles to serious health tourism development, there is certainly a lack of specialized staff that could fully meet the demands of patients who would like to come to Croatia. This program substitutes the percieved lack of necessary human resources.

This tailor-made program and a certified employee increase the reputation of the health tourism provider itself, provide confidence and added security in the quality of service provision. A need for continuing education and training for most professions has become imperative today, especially in the ever-changing industries such as health tourism.

The training program was supported by the Sector for Tourism of the Croatian Chamber of Economy.