ONLINE course – Host of Rural Family Farm (Rural Tourism)

There are currently about 317 rural tourism facilities in Croatia. The number of rural tourism facilities is expected to grow by 6 % per year, which creates the possibility of opening a significant number of new jobs in the field of rural tourism.

Tourists who come to Croatia nowadays are not only looking for accommodation and good food. They also look for a magical fairy tale spiced with the warmth of a rural family farm.

Rural family farms can satisfy more demanding guests looking for a diverse offer that includes tradition, cultural heritage, and rich gastronomy. They can work all year round and increase their income in such a way that satisfied guests always come back and bring new guests.

Online course for the Host of a Rural Family Farm is an opportunity for all people who want to work or are already working in rural tourism to gain knowledge about how to run business in rural tourism related to farm activities, how to organize and implement tourist stay, how to proper communicate with guests and how to maintain the rural farm.

Host of Rural Family Farm performs activities related to:

  • providing accommodation services,
  • daily communication with guests and business partners,
  • organization and implementation of the tourist stay and accommodation facilities,
  • organization and preparation of meals and arrangement of proper maintenance and cleaning of accommodation.

Course in available only on Croatian.