Italian in Dental Tourism

Are you working or are you interested working in dental tourism or would you like to start working with patients from Italy? Enroll in Italian language course in dental medicine and take advantage of a unique opportunity to overcome the linguistic and cultural barrier between yourself and your patients from Italy.

Italian language in dental medicine course offers the continuation of education. Years of experience based on successful education of dental assistants and managers in health tourism have shown us a need for introducing a specialized course that enables participants to have oral and written communication in Italian with patients or potential Italian health care users.

The Italian language course for doctors of dental medicine and dental assistants and for all those who want to be able to work with patients from Italy provides the following:

  • the basis of Italian language and grammar
  • a specific vocabulary in dental medicine
  • language exercises with a teacher of Italian language (simulation of real-life situations)
  • familiarizing with the cultural aspect of Italy
  • access to e-platform (video simulation of real-life situations in the clinic and other types of interaction closely related to dental tourism)
  • online tutoring and exercises

We organize a course for beginners and a course for advanced learners.