Upskilling in Hearing Acoustics

Skill Improvement training in hearing acoustics is approved by the Ministry of Science and Education. This unique training program in the adult education marketplace will enable the acquisition of skills and competences for a quality and professional approach, as well as for assisting the client in selecting the optimal hearing aids, i.e. for independently carrying out all the necessary hearing measurement activities, taking the ear canal print of the client and adjusting the hearing aids.

Labor market analysis has shown a great need for experts with the above-mentioned competencies, and the data shows the continuation of demand growth for such experts in the future. This fact is confirmed by the Report of the Croatian Institute for Public Health on People with Disabilities in the Republic of Croatia from April 2017, according to which 13 461 persons in the Republic of Croatia have hearing impairment, whereas according to the estimation and analyses of specialized shops for hearing aids and hearing aids devices this figure exceeds even 400 thousand.

The increased availability of hearing aids experts will enhance awareness of possible hearing aids enhancements, higher standards and quality of life, and ultimately contribute to more effective prevention of possible major hearing damage.

Clients are provided with useful advices about the importance of hearing care by experts for hearing acoustics. The task of educated persons is to spread awareness that it is necessary to detect and diagnose possible ear disease and hearing impairments on time, requiring a review of a specialist who will diagnose and prescribe proper treatment. In most cases clients after the specialist’s checkout will be sent to the specialized shops for hearing aids and hearing aids devices, where the experts for hearing acoustics will be able to recommend them appropriate hearing aid.

As mentioned above, there are specialized shops for hearing aids and hearing aids devices that are potential employers for those who complete this training program, and their number is growing, while there is a growing number of foreign investors investing in the mentioned area and employ people of different profiles. Due to the lack of such knowledge and skills and variety of employee’s profiles in the field of hearing acoustics, such specialized shops for hearing aids and hearing aids devices conduct internal education of their employees  in order to support clients in selecting the best hearing aids.

Given that this education is different for every employer, and the Croatian education system has so far not recognized the need for formal education in this area, Ambitio College has developed this unique innovative program in the Republic of Croatia and in the surrounding countries.

This skill improvement training is conducted by leading experts which helped Ambitio College to clearly defined and combined all the necessary knowledge and skills required for quality and successful services in hearing acoustics.

Performing services in the field of hearing acoustics are done in specialized shops for hearing aids and hearing aids devices, optometrists and polyclinics, pharmacies and other specialized shops. Shops are equipped with hearing aid and hearing instruments, taking the ear canal print, computers with needed software in order to customize the programmable hearing aids they work on.

A person in the workplace of the hearing aids expert works with clients who need a tailor-made hearing aid and hearing aid device. According to the needs of specialized retailers, person leads the sales process based on the principles of a structured sales conversation, a good seller and using of appropriate terminology.