Upskilling for Dental Assistant

What does a dental assistant do?

Dental Assistant assists the doctor of dental medicine during the therapeutic procedure; prepares the patient, workplace, instruments and equipment for therapeutic procedures; takes care of the patient after the therapeutic procedure; keeps files and prescribed medical records in accordance with legal regulations; uses modern information and communication technology in work; communicates with patients of dental-medical services while respecting human dignity and cultural, religious, age, sexual and economic diversity; works in dental medicine team with a doctor of dental medicine; works in accordance with accepted standards, legal regulations and professional ethics; participates in educating patients about the basics of oral hygiene and prevention.

The specific part of the program is the approach to learners and the training provided by multimedia interactive system for independent e-learning, the only such a system in the region, approved by the Ministry of Science and Education and the Agency for Vocational Training and Adult Education. This system enables the participants to gain knowledge through audio, video and textbook records. The content from the curriculum is shown on real-life scenes recorded in the dental clinic on cases and patients, which allows learners to see a demonstration of exercises and the acquisition of practical experience shown on the video tracks. The speaker explains with the help of audio track the contents of each scene, and at the same time all textual data of the program is displayed on the computer screen. After completing each part, learners can validate their knowledge through an interactive evaluation system that is an integral part of interactive multimedia e-learning system.

The way of conducting the training allows learners to attend it from all over Croatia and the region as well as while working. This option is important to learners with travel and accommodation costs barriers because they do not have to continuously travel and attend lectures.

After finishing the training, learners will be able to acquire the English dental license recognized and appreciated in all EU countries as well as to acquire an international certificate covering basic recovery and emergency response procedures and handle with automatic defibrillators in accordance with the guidelines of the European society for resuscitation. Moreover, this certificate has great significance for competitiveness on the domestic labor market in the European Union community and for easier employability in European Union countries.

Total duration of the program is 252 hours. Training can be finished over a period of 6 to 8 months depending on the learners’ timeframe, which allows certain flexibility.

While attending the training, especially through an interactive multimedia e-learning system, learners are enabled to communicate with teachers via a simple distance learning system and webinars, e-mails, skype and similar Internet communication programs.