Ambitio College has successfully applied on ESF (European Social Fond) tender Capacity Building of Adult Education Institutions – Phase II and developed and implemented a new and unique professional training for manager in health tourism.

Basic information about the project

Project title: Training Program for Manager in Health Tourism

Call title for project proposals: Strengthening Capacity of Adult Education Institutions – Phase II (European Social Fund)

Beneficiary:  Ambitio College Institution for Adult Education

Aims of the project:

  1. To develop a training program for a manager in health tourism. The need for managers in health tourism emerges from the geographic position and inexhaustible great potential of the Republic of Croatia.
  2. To establish a permanent network of employers with an aim to exchange good practices and to continuously improve and adapt the education program to the needs of labor market for faster and better employability and to contribute to the development of health tourism in the Republic of Croatia.

Project Results:

  1. Idea for the project was first successfully presented at the 2nd International Scientific and Professional Conference “Challenges of Today – Tourism and Local Development” in Sibenik through the work “Adult Education Institutions: a stimulating environment for the development of health tourism”
  2. A standard of occupation and a qualification standard for occupation manager in health tourism was developed
  3. A new curriculum for adult education in the field of health tourism was developed: “Training for Manager in Health Tourism”
  4. E-Learning system for the program “Training for the manager in Health Tourism” was developed
  5. Developed standards and a program were successfully presented at the Place2Go International Tourism Fair on March 18th, 2016 at Boćarski dom – Zagreb
  6. Pilot Adult Education Program “Training for manager in Health Tourism” were successfully implemented for 20 participants
  7. Quality management system in Ambitio College was introduced
  8. Manual on Quality Assurance System in adult education institutions was developed

Total value of the project: 708.285,00 kn

EU contribution to project funding: 672,870.75 kn

Private funds: 35,414.25 kn

Project implementation period: 12 months, from December 2015 to December 2016

Contact person: Alen Stranjik

Function: Ambitio College Director

Phone: +385 1 4677 802

Email: alen.stranjik@uciliste-ambito.hr


Project is financed by European Union from European Social Fund. 

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