ONLINE course – Host of Private Accommodation

Online course Host for Private Accommodation is an opportunity for all people who want to work or who are already working as host in private accommodation to gain knowledge on how to raise the quality of private accommodation services and how to extend the season and earn more by providing additional tourist activities. The course will provide people with knowledge of how to run business in private accommodation, how to use proper communication with guests, how to present the tourist offer of the destination, how to prepare and serve food and arrange proper maintenance and cleaning of accommodation.

The host of private accommodation performs tasks related to::

  • providing accommodation services,
  • daily communication with guests and business partners,
  • organization and implementation of the tourist stay,
  • organization and preparation of meals and arrangement of proper maintenance and cleaning of accommodation.

The advantage of this course is that it takes place online through e-learning and allows each student flexibility in acquiring the knowledge. Student can learn when it suits him best, at his own pace and style that suits him best, and he can access e-learning from anywhere.

Course in available only on Croatian.