Basic information about the project


Project title: Skill me 4 Job

Call title for project proposals: ERASMUS+ KA210-ADU Small-scale partnerships in adult education

Beneficiary: Ambitio College

Partner:Stichting Exe-leren (Netherlands)


Associated partner: Essential Skills Program USA


Project objectives:

  1. implementation of online soft skills training
  2. raising awareness of the importance of education in the field of soft skills
  3. providing innovative soft skills learning opportunities

Overall goal is to implement innovative online training in the field of soft skills development through the platform of Essential Skills Program. Project aims to provide an innovative opportunity to learn about soft skills, which will contribute to the awareness of the public and target groups about the importance of education in the field of soft skills. In addition to the online training in English, workbooks will be created in English, Croatian and Dutch, which will be used to track progress through each module. In this way, the target groups will practice the application of the learned knowledge about each skill and they will also use and strengthen their digital skills in an online environment.

After the implementation of the online training, 3 analyzes of the conducted trainings will be made, one for each target group, about what the situation was before and what it is now, i.e. what is the progress and improvement of the target group’s skills and whether they have increased their potential based on the form of self-evaluation and evaluation questionnaire.

With this project, the partners involved will increase the opportunities and offer of education for adults, as well as facilitate the easier acquisition of skills that make a difference, even though they are most often acquired through non-formal and informal learning.

The long-term goal of the project is to provide a training program to target groups in the top 10 requested soft skills to be empowered and competitive in the labour market and to contribute to their personal and professional development and success.


Project target groups:

a) unemployed and employed in career change

Through the project, unemployed persons will develop (or upgrade) soft skills and thus be empowered and more competitive in the labor market for finding a job, both for preparatory actions in job search (job interview) and at the time of employment.

Employed persons changing careers will strengthen their personal competences, supplement existing skills and be better trained and better prepared for a new workplace.

b) adults in the process of adult education at Ambitio College and Exe-leren 

Adults in the process of adult education will, by participating in the training, strengthen themselves for their future work and in soft skills.

c) teachers in adult education

Teachers in adult education will strengthen their soft skills for personal development and advancement in their primary job, as well as for a more innovative approach to the teaching process in adult education that develops and encourages the application of soft skills such as motivation, creativity, dealing with stressful situations or failure, critical thinking, adaptability in such a way that they introduce elements of soft skills into their teaching process through problem situations.


Total value of the project: 60.000,00 EUR

Total EU Grants: 60.000,00 EUR

Project implementation period: 17 months, from December 1st, 2022, to April 30th, 2024

Contact person for additional information: Alen Stranjik

Function: Head of Ambitio College

Phone: +385 1 4677 802



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