Training for Nanny

What does a Nanny do?

  • looks after children, cares for them and nurtures them mostly in the child’s home from age 6 months until enrolment in an educational institution (kindergarten or school)
  • takes care of the child’s health and safety, a balanced, varied, and healthy diet and the child’s hygiene
  • helps with bathing, dressing, and feeding the child,
  • takes care of the child’s daily rest, play and entertainment, as well as the child’s school obligations and free activities
  • supervises all the obligations of the child depending on the possibility and way of performing activities or jobs
  • accompanies the child to school, from school or to recreational activities
  • takes care of the weather, safety, and hygiene conditions of a child
  • teaches the child life and social skills
  • acts according to the parents’ instructions, unless the parents’ instructions are against the child’s welfare
  • regularly communicates with the child’s parents about the child’s needs and condition, informs the parents about the child’s health condition if necessary
  • takes care of the emotional, physical, intellectual and social development of the child and adapts the activities that the child engages to the individual development of the child.