Ambitio College, which has significant experience in developing innovative adult education programs as well as in managing the EU projects, has recognized a need for the improvement of educational service quality and human resource management, the development of its own e-learning systems and its internationalization through the implementation of staff mobilities.


At the same time, actively working through partnerships with institutions, organizations and institutions at the local and national level in the development of the economy and the community Ambitio College has recognized a need and importance of developing cooperation and promoting its own activities beyond the borders of the Republic of Croatia. The initial necessary steps for the internationalization of Ambitio College will be achieved through the mobilities of staff and the development of an informal network of potential partners from the wider European area, which will open the door for future strategic partnerships and cooperation with educational organizations and institutions in Europe, and enable the development of joint projects that will contribute to the creation of innovative ideas, the exchange of good practice and the improvement of educational and teaching methods.

Basic information about the project

Project title: New Added Values for Learners through Mobility and Ambition

Call title for project proposals: Erasmus Programme 2018: EU Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport; Key Activity 1 – Learning Mobilities of Individuals (Mobility project for adult education staff)

Beneficiary:  Ambitio College Institution for Adult Education

Partner: ITC International TEFL Certificate s.r.o. – Czech Republic

Overall and specific objectives of the project:

The overall goal of the project is to: enhance teaching processes based on innovative teaching methods; contribute to further development and implementation of e-learning; and improve the quality and efficiency of educational processes through better human resource management.

Specific objectives of the project are to:

  1. Strengthen the skills and competences of staff and teachers in applying innovative teaching methods in general (non-formal) adult education, including advanced e-learning methods
  2. Strengthen the skills and competences of staff for effective human resource management
  3. Improve e-Learning Systems

Purpose of the project:

The purpose of the project is to improve the application of innovative teaching methods and advanced e-learning methods and to develop digital literacy skills of Ambitio College non-teaching staff, teachers and adult learners in the field of general (non-vocational) adult education. This will be achieved through the implementation of 3 mobilities, one for each project participant in a duration of 7 days (5-days course and 2 travel days). Courses will be conducted by partner ITC International TEFL Certificate s.r.o. from Czech Republic as follows:

  1. Innovative approaches to teaching – Helsinki (Finland)
  2. Using e-Learning Platforms – Prague (Czech Republic)
  3. Human Resource Management – Prague (Czech Republic)

The goals of these mobilities are to achieve the defined learning outcomes of the agreed courses and to strengthen the competence of the Ambitio College non-teaching staff in the application of:

  • innovative methods of teaching in general adult education
  • innovative methods of using and developing e-learning systems and
  • efficient human resource management.

Project target groups are:

  1. Staff and teachers – external associates of the Ambitio College and
  2. Adult learners of adult education program of Ambitio College.

Target group of staff and teachers will develop new skills in the long term and acquire additional competences in the application of innovative teaching and advanced e-learning methods, which will also increase the level of their digital literacy.

Target group of adult learners who participate in adult education programs (also the project beneficiary) will acquire the necessary competences for the use of digital resources and e-learning systems through this project thereby at the same time increasing the level of their digital literacy in the long term. The project will also encourage the awareness development of this target group members about the importance of lifelong learning.

Project results:

  • project page on Croatian and English was developed
  • 3 mobilities abroad were implemented
  • 2 workshops on innovative teaching methodes were implemented – 22 participants in total
  • 3 workshops on e-learning were implemented – 12 participants in total
  • 1 project poster was developed and published in 2 copies
  • 4 newsletter were developed in pdf format
  • 2 video materials on mobilities in Prag were filmed
  • 3 disemination video materials on implemented activities were filmed
  • 3 newsletters on implemented activities were developed and published in online application Mailchimp to all privious and current participants of Ambitio College, associates in economy and partner institutions
  • 13 news about implemented activities were published on EPALE
  • 12 news about implemented activities were published on Linkedin  
  • 11 news about implemented activities were published on Facebook   
  • 2 media news about project on: srednja.hr i educentar.hr

Total value of the project: 5.633,00 EUR

Total EU Grants: 5.633,00 EUR

Project implementation period: 12 months, from 1st June 2018 to 31st May 2019

Contact person for additional information: Alen Stranjik

Function: Ambitio College Director

Phone: +385 1 4677 802

Email: alen.stranjik@uciliste-ambitio.hr

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