Vocational Training for Host on Sailing Boat/Yacht

Croatia is the leading charter destination in the world in terms of the number of reservations and the number of charter vessels and covers 40% of the world’s charter fleet! Number of ports of nautical tourism has increased by almost 50 % in the last ten years, and the marina by 20 %, which means that the requirements for accompanying services in nautical tourism have significantly increased. In the last few years, the demand for a host on sailing boat/yacht has been growing rapidly from year to year. According to the data of the Croatian Tourist Board from 2019, the number of overnight stays on charter vessels increased significantly in the period from 2005 to 2018, which also indicates a potential increase in employment in nautical tourism.

Training is an opportunity for all persons who want to work or are already working on a sailing boat/yacht to gain knowledge about the organization and implementation of tourist stay of guests on a sailing boat/yacht, how to communicate with guests with exercises simulating various situations during the stay on a sailing boat/yacht. and maintaining the functionality of a sailing boat/yacht.

The host of sailing boat/yacht performs tasks related to daily communication with guests and business partners, organization and implementation of tourist stay of guests on sailing boat/yacht together with the boat leader and other crew members, preparing and serving food and drinks, storing, cleaning and maintaining the functionality of sailing boat/yacht, organizing and planning the day on and off the sailing boat/yacht. The host on sailing boat/yacht is the support staff with the skipper captain who is the main and responsible person for sailing.