Reskilling for Dental Assistant

What does a dental assistant do?

Dental Assistant assists the doctor of dental medicine during the therapeutic procedure; prepares the patient, workplace, instruments and equipment for therapeutic procedures; takes care of the patient after the therapeutic procedure; keeps files and prescribed medical records in accordance with legal regulations; uses modern information and communication technology in work; communicates with patients of dental-medical services while respecting human dignity and cultural, religious, age, sexual and economic diversity; works in dental medicine team with a doctor of dental medicine; works in accordance with accepted standards, legal regulations and professional ethics; participates in educating patients about the basics of oral hygiene and prevention.

Providing a different, innovative and customized approach of education is an advantage of Ambitio College. In this way learning becomes more interesting, flexible and simpler, which is the main objective for adult education.

Program for secondary vocational education/re-skilling for dental assistants is conducted through an instructional consultation model of teaching in total duration of 2 996 hours. Learners who have passed the core educational subjects in the previous secondary school will be only obligated to take exams of new vocational subjects.

Teaching is organized through lectures and exercises at the Ambitio College Exercise Center in combination of individual consultations as needed and upon request. Teachers and administrative staff are continuously available via email and phone during education.

Exercises are partially conducted in the Ambitio College Exercise Center and partially in an external dental clinic with the aim of gaining practical experience.

Exercises at Ambitio College Exercise Center for dental assistants are performed under the guidance of our mentor teachers. After finishing the number of hours, learners are reffered to external dental clinic.

Experience tells us that learning by doing the work of dental assistants without school mentoring is not effective in acquiring knowledge and skills for proper assisting because learners are left only with a mentor in an external clinic which one often doesn’t follow the formal work program and doesn’t dedicate enough time to learners. Therefore, this way of working and learning help our learners to easily find a job. It is our job to teach every dental assistant to properly assist the doctor of dental medicine.

Learners of secondary vocational education/re-skilling for dental assistants will be able to acquire the English dental license recognized and appreciated in all EU countries as well as to acquire an international certificate covering basic recovery and emergency response procedures and handle with automatic defibrillators in accordance with the guidelines of the European society for resuscitation. Moreover, this certificate has great significance for competitiveness on the domestic labor market in the European Union community and for easier employability in European Union countries.