Training for recreational canoe and kayak instructor

Interest in adventure and sports tourism in Croatia is growing by 30% per year and is expected to grow rapidly in the future. Sea and river canoeing and kayaking is becoming an increasingly popular recreational sport in Croatia. There are many kayak clubs in Croatia that may need to hire a qualified instructor. More domestic and foreign tourists want to get to know Croatia by canoe and kayak. Interest in kayaking and canoeing shows the need for instructors in the basic elements of this water sport that will ensure a better-quality tourist offer.

A recreational canoe and kayak instructor provides instruction in the basic elements of canoeing and kayaking. After the training, person can work as a recreational canoe and kayak instructor in clubs or associations that provide canoe and kayak services as a tourist offer in Croatia and abroad or provide training by opening their own business.

The 250-hour training program is conducted through regular classes at Ambitio College, e-learning, exercises and practical classes.

Training program is certified by the Ministry of Science and Education as a formal program.

This program is listed in the official list of authorized providers of training for the provision of active and adventure tourism of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.