Free online soft skills training within the Erasmus+ project “Skill me 4 Job!” is completed

From October 23rd, 2023, to February 25th, 2024, Ambitio College conducted free online soft skills training as part of the Erasmus+ project “Skill me 4 Job!” financed from the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. In this project, Ambitio College is the project coordinator, and Stichting Exe-Leren from the Netherlands is a partner. The associated partner is the Essential Skills Program from the USA.

Soft skills training includes the 10 most wanted soft skills on the labour market, which are presented through text, video and audio content and numerous tasks on two e-learning platforms. The participants of the training included three target groups: employed/unemployed persons, participants of the Ambitio College and teachers/trainers in adult education.

The training was conducted in two groups of participants. One group of 25 participants participated the online training through the Canvas platform, which contains the Essential Skills Program (ESP) in English, and through the Ambitio College’s Moodle platform, which contains digital workbooks in the Croatian language. Another group of 56 participants participated in training through digital workbooks on the Moodle platform in Croatian.

Each group’s training was started by an introductory online lecture of soft skills trainer, Ana Boban Lipić, prof. of psychology, who introduced the participants to the topic of soft skills and clarified their importance for personal and professional development, while the project coordinator Željka Ciler explained how the participants will go through ESP on Canvas platform and workbooks on the Moodle platform. The soft skills covered in the training are self-awareness, empathy, resilience, effective communication, problem solving, cultural awareness, digital literacy, innovation, collaboration, and adaptability. A total of 81 participants were educated.

With this training, the target groups strengthened themselves in soft skills for new personal and work challenges and improved their digital skills and knowledge of the English language.

Considering that the digital workbooks are made in three languages on the Moodle platform, foreign participants – European collaborating organizations with which Ambitio College participates in the implementation of other Erasmus+ projects also participated in the training in English and Dutch. In this way, the Ambitio College achieved the visibility of the project in the European framework, as this training will be available to European participants in the future.  

The interest in this type of training exceeded all expectations, as did the satisfaction with the training itself, and we believe that such interest will continue in the future.

How satisfied the participants were with the various aspects of the training and the content itself, will be shown in the analysis of the target groups that Ambitio College will publish in April 2024.

More information about the project you can find HERE.