Ceremonial promotion of the school textbook Dental Assistance 1

The first school textbook “Dental Assistance 1” in the Republic of Croatia intended to be used for secondary vocational education of dental assistants was presented at the Esplanade Hotel. This textbook will be used in 2021/2022 by all medical schools which provide the qualification for dental assistants.

Its publication was made possible within the project “Regional Center of Competence Mlinarska”. The beneficiary of the project is Škola za medicinska sestre Mlinarska (School for Medical Nurses MLinarska). Ambitio College is the publisher and one of the project partners. The promotion was attended by many important guests in the field of health and education. The main advisor to the Minister of Science and Education Božo Pavičin said few words at the promotion. The creation of the textbook teaching content was selflessly initiated and supported by nurses and university professors of the Clinic of Dentistry of the University Hospital Center Zagreb. Ana Ljubas, Assistant Director for Nursing and Head Nurse of the University Hospital Center Zagreb, spoke about the cooperation on their behalf at the promotion as well as the head of the Clinic of Dentistry of the University Hospital Center Zagreb, Professor Željko Verzak, PhD. The textbook itself were presented by the chief editor of the textbook, Valentina Brzović Rajić, PhD, DMD, textbook reviewer Professor Vlaho Brailo, PhD, DMD, and the representative of the authors Branka Crnković, Bachelor of Nursing. The promotion of the textbook was held within the framework of the congress organized by Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine “New Trends in Dental Medicine”. The textbook Dental Assistance 2 and 3 for the 3rd and 4th grade of secondary medical school for the qualification of dental assistant will be published soon. Promotion was followed by music of Croatian celebrated tenor of the Opera Choir of the Croatian National Theater, Mr. Ivo Gamulin Gianni.