Ambitio College participated in a quality assurance meeting

Full-day meeting was held at the Dubrovnik Hotel today with representatives of adult education institutions which participating in the pilot activities of the self-evaluation and external evaluation model within the ESF project “Development of quality assurance systems in adult education” organized by the Agency for Vocational and Adult Education. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Ambitio College, the head Alen Stranjik and the head of education Marija Zubak.

The quality assurance system in each adult education institution ensures the achievement of high-quality work and better educational outcomes. regarding the successful long-term work in the field of adult education, Ambitio College is recognized as one of the institutions whose involvement in the activities of piloting quality assurance models in adult education will contribute to achieving the goals of the entire project. Through piloting the self-evaluation and external evaluation model, the Agency will receive feedback on the developed model, its applicability and relevance, and any difficulties that may arise during implementation. Based on this information, the existing model will be improved and completed, and ultimately its application in the entire adult education system is planned.