Promotion ceremony of new instructors of recreational sports

Promotion ceremony of recreational sailing instructors, recreational windsurfing instructors and recreational kayaking and canoeing instructors was held on September 17th, 2020 in the open space in front of Ambitio College.

Free training programs were implemented for 39 unemployed persons under the age of 30 and developed within the ESF project “Education for work and sports in Zagreb tourism”. Project has been implementing by Ambitio College since March 26th, 2019 in partnership with Horvat turizam, and it is financed from the European Social Fund, within the operational program “Efficient Human Resources 2014-2020” in the amount of 991,253.83 kuna. The aim of the project was to increase the employability of young unemployed people from the vulnerable group under the age of 30. Upon successful completion of the training, the persons received the training certificate that will enable them to integrate more easily into the labor market.

In the introductory part, the director of Ambitio College Alen Stranjik congratulated to participants on successful completion of their training and emphasized that tourism was an important industry and therefore tourists should be offered a new recreational sport service, not just a deck chair on the beach. Miroslav Horvat, director of Horvat Turizam emphasized that there are great opportunities for working as instructors of these water sports in Croatia and advised participants to show what they know and try to be better than the competition that would like to come to Croatia and take over their jobs.

Training certificates were awarded to participants by Alen Stranjik, director of Ambitio College.

From the following year, 2021, and upon completion of the project, Ambitio College will start with the commercial implementation of the programs for all interested persons. People who complete the mentioned training programs will contribute to the improvement of tourist services, and the programs themselves will encourage employment in tourism.

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