Seventh generation of re-skilling program for the dentist assistant

Lectures for new 7th generation of enrolled adult learners of re-skilling program for dental assistants was conducted last weekend (September 25 – September 27, 2020).

Director of Ambitio College Alen Stranjik welcomed the new students in the introductory speech and thanked them for their great interest and enrolment into this education program, which exceeded all expectations this year thanks to the recognized quality of education provision by the public eye in which the College invests the most. Apart from the presentation of Ambitio College work and staff, Alen Stranjik emphasized that the dental assistant job is a needed occupation in the Republic of Croatia and that the students during their education employ in dental medicine offices thanks to the knowledge and skills they acquire through the education provided by the College. This way he further encouraged them at the beginning of their education and emphasized that the Ambitio College is here for them ready to support them in their journey towards future occupation.

Over the next 18 months, the adult learners will acquire the theoretical knowledge of this occupation with the help of lecturers – experts with many years of experience working in dental medicine, as well as developing practical skills with a mentor at our unique College Training Center and external practice.

We thank the participants for the trust they have given us by enrolling into this program, and our job is to justify their trust through the quality of the teaching process and the availability of all the resources they need on the path of acquiring knowledge and skills in this profession.

We wish all of them a lot of success in their education!