New instructors of recreational sports

Three training programs for recreational windsurfing instructors, recreational sailing instructors and recreational kayaking and canoeing instructors were conducted free of charge during the summer months of 2020 for 41 unemployed persons under the age of 30 within the ESF project “Education for Work and Sports in Zagreb Tourism“. Project has been implemented by Ambitio College since March 26th, 2019 in partnership with tourist agency Horvat turizam. It is financed from the European Social Fund, in the framework of operational program “Effective Human Resources 2014-2020” in the amount of 991,253.83 kuna.

The 250-hour programs were approved by the Ministry of Science and Education based on the expert opinion of the Agency for Vocational and Adult Education and the National Sports Council.

During the implementation of the programs participants have showed a high degree of motivation and perseverance to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are crucial for performing the duties of an instructor. Within the training program, special emphasis was on the methodology of teaching recreational sports, i.e. how to approach the client using adequate communication and methodological skills and teach him the basics of recreational sports, and that is the key to success in doing this job.

At the end of each program participants were trained to provide instruction in the basic elements of each sport by applying appropriate work methods, rules of safety at work and first aid, and communicating with clients in an appropriate manner and in accordance with their needs.

In addition to hard work and commitment during the program, there was no lack of cheerful socializing and developing friendships that will surely continue in the future.

Training certificates will be received in September 2020 at a ceremonial promotion in Ambitio College.

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