Ambitio College received an acknowledgment by CDC for successful partnership cooperation

On July 11, 2019 representatives of the Ambitio College headed by director Alen Stranjik attended a working lunch at which they were received an acknowledgement by the President of CDC (Croatian Dental Chamber), MSc Hrvoje Peze, DMD, for the successful and high-quality partnership cooperation. Cooperation has started in 2012 by launching the first online adult education program – the skill improvement training for health professionals working as dental assistants in the Republic of Croatia, which was supported by CDC that recognized the potential of Ambitio College. Cooperation has continued in the acquisition of secondary vocational education/re-skilling for dental assistants. Long-term partnership is the result of the CDC trust in the quality which the Ambitio College confirms every year by providing a dental assistant program on a high level of quality, taking special care of each participant, ways and conditions for performing theoretical and practical teaching.