First generation successfully completed Skill Impovement Training in Hearing Acoustics

Final exam for the first generation of participant sin the skill improvement training in hearing acoustics was held on June 29th, 2019. This formal skill improvement training, unique in the Republic of Croatia and in the region, has enabled our first trainees to acquire key knowledge and skills necessary for quality and successful work in the field of hearing acoustics.

During the three-month program, participants had been gaining knowledge and skills for a quality and professional approach and help client in selecting and adjusting the optimal hearing aid that will be apply in specialized hearing aid stores, optician stores, polyclinics, etc. Implementation of the program has gathered a team of teachers – specialists with many years of experience in this area including the otolaryngologist and audiologist PhD Borut Marn. Upon completion of the program, the participants have obtained the Certificate.

We are proud that the first generation of participants have showed a great motivation, an enviable knowledge and acquired practical skills that are key to working in this field, which is an excellent indicator of the quality of this program.

We believe that the acquired knowledge as hearing acoustic experts will be successfully used in providing support to people with hearing impairments.

We wish you a lot of success in applying the acquired knowledge in new work challenges!