Future hearing acousticians had exercises on hearing aids and hearing testing

At the end of September and during the month of October 2021, 5th generation of participants in Upskilling in Hearing Acoustics had interesting lectures within the teaching units – Basics of Audiometry and Physiology of the Hearing System, Disinfection in Practice, Hearing Aid Techniques etc. In addition to theoretical lectures, the first exercises were held within the teaching units – Fundamentals of Audiometry and Hearing Aid Techniques. Within the Hearing Aid Technique, participants were introduced to the individual components of a hearing aid and the basic principle of how hearing aid operate. Within the Basics of Audiometry, participants practiced measuring and examining hearing, which plays a key role in process of determining whether a client needs to use a hearing aid. Hearing measurements were performed with a tonal audiometer and the measurement results were graphically displayed in a tone audiogram. The users of St. Joseph’s Nursing Home took part in this process. The whole process was led by otolaryngologist and audiologist PhD Borut Marn.