Online Soft Skills Training

Online Soft Skills Training included 10 following soft skills modules on English:

I am self-aware, I am empathetic, I am productive collaborator, I am effective communicator, I am innovative, I am problem solver, I am culturally responsive, I am digitally literate, I am resilient, and I am adaptable.

The training consisted of theoretical part and participants were invited to put learned skills into practice with help of different interactive tasks. 

Recipients of this badge are able to:

I am self-aware

  • explain the concept of self-awareness
  • explain the relationship between self-awareness and self-concept
  • distinguish types of self-awareness
  • distinguish the components of self-awareness
  • explain the importance of self-awareness in the work environment
  • name the ways of developing self-awareness
  • explore different aspects of your own self-awareness.

I am problem solver

  • describe the problem situation
  • distinguish the dimensions of knowledge important for problem solving
  • distinguish problem-solving strategies
  • apply problem-solving strategies
  • describe steps in problem solving
  • apply steps in problem solving
  • describe obstacles in problem solving
  • explain ways to overcome obstacles in solving problems
  • evaluate your own problem-solving skills

I am empathetic

  • explain the concept of empathy
  • distinguish empathy from sympathy
  • distinguish empathetic from non-empathic messages
  • explain the importance of empathy in the workplace
  • describe tools for fostering empathy
  • assess your own empathy.

I am culturally responsive

  • explain culture and cultural identity
  • explain the concept of cultural responsiveness
  • distinguish the components of cultural responsiveness
  • explain the importance of cultural responsiveness in the work environment
  • distinguish ways of developing cultural responsiveness
  • explain the importance of cross-cultural communication in the work environment
  • distinguish low and high context culture from low and high powers distance culture
  • distinguish barriers in cross-cultural communication
  • apply strategies for cross-cultural communication

I am productive collaborator

  • explain active listening and the importance of active listening
  • apply different techniques for active listening
  • explain effective communication and its components
  • distinguish different types of behaviours
  • explain conflict resolution strategies
  • apply conflict resolution strategies.

I am digitally literate

  • explain the concept of digital literacy and its importance in the workplace
  • distinguish digital literacy from digital skills
  • apply online safety tips
  • apply the golden rules of online etiquette
  • distinguish effective techniques for time management
  • apply digital tools for time management
  • apply tools to increase productivity
  • apply skills to reduce digital distractions

I am effective communicator

  • explain the communication chain
  • explain noises in communication
  • compare verbal and non-verbal communication
  • explain assertive communication
  • assess your assertive communication skills
  • formulate I-message.

I am resilient

  • distinguish key components of resilience
  • explain the term emotional regulation
  • apply strategies to regulate your emotions effectively
  • explain the term self-compassion
  • distinguish the techniques for the development of self-compassion
  • explain the term cognitive agility
  • distinguish the strategies for the development of cognitive agility.

I am innovative

  • explain the concept of creativity
  • list the characteristics of creative people
  • describe a divergent opinion
  • apply divergent thinking
  • explain the concept of innovation
  • explain the relationship between creativity and innovation and their role in the business environment
  • describe techniques for stimulating creativity
  • apply techniques to stimulate creativity

I am adaptable

  • explain the term adaptability
  • distinguish growth mindset from fixed mindset
  • distinguish action steps for adaptability in private and work life
  • explain mindfulness
  • apply mindfulness techniques in private and work life
  • distinguish mindfulness from visualisation
  • apply visualisation techniques for increasing adaptability
  • distinguish flexibility from adaptability
  • apply strategies for increasing flexibility and adaptability.

To earn this badge, the recipient needed to:

Acquire the knowledge from content of ten online soft skills modules and successfully finish all tasks and listen online introductory lecture.

Issued on: 25. 2. 2024.

Issuers: Ambitio College / Stichting Exe-leren

Online Soft Skills Training was provided within Erasmus+ projekt “Skill me for Job!” financed by the Erasmus+ program of European Union.

This information reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.