Ceremonial promotion of new textbook “Dental Assisting 2 and 3”

On Friday, September 23rd, 2022, the ceremonial promotion of the second textbook “Dental Assisting 2 and 3” intended for the regular secondary education of dental assistants was held in the Sheraton Hotel in the framework of the Congress of Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine. This textbook is a continuation of the recently published first textbook “Dental Assisting 1”. Both textbooks were created within the project “Regional Centre of Competence Mlinarska” and were fully financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund in amount of 46.555.165,83 kn. The beneficiary of the project is School for Medical Nurses Mlinarska, and Ambitio College as a publisher of textbooks is one of the partners in the project.

The promotion was attended by numerous guests, including the advisor of the Ministry of Science and Education, Božo Pavičin, representatives from the School of Dental Medicine, Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine, Dental Clinic of University Hospital Centre Zagreb, Dental Polyclinic Zagreb -Perkovčeva, School for Medical Nurses Mlinarska and many others.

At the very beginning of the ceremonial promotion the director of Ambitio College Alen Stranjik, master’s in aerospace engineering, did not hide his enthusiasm for the interest and response of the guests to this promotion and pointed out:

– „We are honoured by your arrival because we received confirmation that we are doing something good for society, social community, dental medicine, dental assistants, doctors of dental medicine, dental hygienists, dental technicians and of course ultimately for patients and for the whole society.”

He thanked the authors of the textbook: Maja Barošević, MSN, Branka Crnković, BSN, Dijana Didak, BSN, Denis Milošević, BSN, and Sanja Vučković Hrkač; editor of textbooks, head of the Dental Clinic of University Hospital Centre Zagreb, professor PhD Željko Verzak, DMD; chief editor PhD Valentina Brzović Rajić, DMD., specialist in endodontics and restorative dental medicine, head of the Department of Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry; expert editor Ivanka Firić, MSN and reviewers and added:    

“- In two years, we have published two textbooks that cover content and enable the acquisition of learning outcomes from all branches of dental medicine. Their contents cover all learning outcomes that dental assistants in practice should acquire and be able to do during their work in dental assisting. What is also important is that it is free for all current and future generations of dental assistants who study in the framework of their regular secondary education and those who acquire their profession at the Ambitio College.” – continued the director of Ambitio College.

– “I would also like to use the opportunity to say why we are competent for something like this it is because the trust we received from the competent institutions. Ambitio College is also part of Regional Centre of Competence Mlinarska, headed by Asja Jelaković whom I am also thanking on this occasion, the holder of the development of occupational standards, qualification standards and curriculum for dental assistants. For that reason, especially thanks to the Ministry of Science and Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Pension System, Agency for Vocational Education and Adult Education on trust, because I believe that we will also do that job well and these published textbooks will certainly help us. Also thanks to the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine, headed by M. Sc. Hrvoje Pezo, DMD, who recognized our quality and give us continuous support,” concluded director Stranjik at the end.

Branka Crnković, BSN, head nurse of the Dental Clinic of University Hospital Centre Zagreb and one of the authors of the textbooks pointed out the need of creation of textbooks that arose from the dental profession development and increasingly complex work procedures which need even more specific personnel when dental assistants came along. She also added that along with the assistants, there was also the problem of textbooks, because in our area in Croatia until now there was less literature on the subject of dental assisting.

PhD Valentina Brzović Rajić, DMD. from Dental Clinic of University Hospital Centre Zagreb referred to the topics covered in both dental assisting textbooks and emphasized:

– “Dental Assisting 2 and 3″ are a supplement to the first textbook and an exceptional contribution to improving the competencies of one of the most needed professions on the labour market today. Dental assisting 2 and 3 represents the upgrading of knowledge and skills through 5 chapters that include a description of the scope of work in dental prosthetics, oral medicine, oral surgery, periodontology, orthodontics. It is a continuation of the content of the first textbook, which describes the scope of work in endodontics, restorative dental medicine and pedodontics,” and she thanked her colleagues from the Clinic:

– “Allow me to thank all authors because, in addition to their daily work and responsibilities, they agreed to this challenge and shaped the textual and author’s art content into two textbooks and almost 400 pages. I am proud because you selflessly created a completely new story in Croatia and beyond with your engagement, competence, and enthusiasm. I am especially proud because the creators of this textbook are employees of the Dental Clinic of KBC Zagreb, my colleagues, associates, and friends.

After the speech of PhD Valentina Brzović Rajić, DMD, from Dental Clinic of KBC Zagreb, Professor PhD Željko Verzak, DMD, a specialist in pedodontics followed up successfully with his always original review and commented on why dental assistants and nurses are important to us?

– “There is no dentistry without them. Although from what I hear there are still dentists who work without assistance, today’s standard in the world is “four hand dentistry” with a tendency towards “6 handed dentistry” without dental assistants and nurses there is no such thing. “

Finally, Božo Pavičin, chief advisor to the Minister of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, addressed the audience with a comment on the importance of textbooks in vocational education:

– “As far as we are concerned in education, this textbook is very important because it covers practically the entire education in one area, all four classes for dental assistant education.”