Ambitio College has published second textbook on dental assisting

Ambitio College has recently published the second school textbook Dental Assistance 2 and 3 for the third and fourth grade students of secondary medical schools approved by the Ministry of Science and Education, which will be used by all medical schools that provide the qualification for dental assistants in school year of 2022/2023.

The textbooks were published within the framework of the project “Regional Centre of Competence Mlinarska”, which is fully funded by the European Union from the European Social Fund in the amount of 46.555.165,83 kn, in which the Ambitio College participates as one of the partners of the School for Medical Nurses Mlinarska.

The creation of the textbook was made possible again thanks to the support of the Clinic for Dentistry of the University Hospital Centre Zagreb, chief editors PhD Valentina Brzović Rajić, DMD., specialist in endodontics and restorative dental medicine and professor PhD Željko Verzak, DMD, specialist in pedodontics; to the authors Denis Milošević, Bachelor of Science in Medical Nursing, Branki Crnković, Bachelor of Science in Medical Nursing, Maji Barošević, Master degree in Medical Nursing, Dijani Didak, Bachelor of Science in Medical Nursing and Sanji Vučković Hrkač, Master degree in Medical Nursing and expert editors Ivanka Firić, Master degree in Medical Nursing and Marija Zubak (Torčić), Master in Croatian language and History.   

We are proud of this contribution of Ambitio College because this teaching content will help future dental assistants in their education and work. We are especially proud that our lecturer Ivanka Firić, and Dijana Didak have contributed to this textbook as well.

Every future participant within the state school system related to dental assistant education will receive the free textbook. Also, every adult learner of Ambitio College will receive a free textbook too, which will definitely help them during their education and improve their knowledge and skills.

With this publication of the textbooks Dental Assisting 2 and 3 and the previous Dental Assisting 1, Ambitio College has made available the entire teaching content provided by the curricula of the most important subjects for dental assistants during high school education. In this way, Ambitio College have created prerequisites for acquiring the learning outcomes necessary in dental assisting during the work of dental assistants in a dental practice.