Training for Host of Tourist Family Farm in Višnjica successfully implemented

On November 28th, 2019, Ambitio College successfully implemented a free training program for the Host of Tourist Family Farm at partner’s location – Pustara Višnjica in Višnjica near Slatina. Training was implemented within the framework of the ESF project “3D in Croatian Tourism – Training for the Shipboard Host, Host of Accommodation Capacities and Host of Family Tourism Farm”. It was implemented from 15th to 28th Nov 2019 for unemployed persons who were gaining the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to provide quality tourist services at the tourist family farm.

First Hosts of the Tourist Family Farm were gaining knowledge how to start a business on the farm, organizing and providing a tourist stay, how to communicate with guests and how to maintain the functionality of the farm as a part of practical training.

Upon completion of practical training, final exam was successfully conducted, and the participants were given the certificates of attendance.

There are currently about 317 rural tourism establishments in Croatia with an estimated annual growth of 6 %. Nowadays, tourists who come to Croatia are not only looking for accommodation and meals, but they are looking for a diverse offer that includes tradition, cultural heritage and rich gastronomy, which they can get on a rural tourist family farm. This kind of program is an opportunity for larger renters to hire qualified hosts who could take care of the accommodation and stay of their guests.

Learning from an experienced employer and staying with our participants at Pustara Višnjica has enabled them to understand the entire business of a farm with a long centuries-old tradition, and we hope that they will be able to apply their experience and knowledge in their future work in tourism.