Promotion ceremony of new dental assistants

Promotion ceremony of 4th generation of secondary vocational education and retraining program for dental assistants and 11th and 12th generation of re-skilling program for dentist assistant was held on 14th December 2019 at Sheraton Hotel Zagreb. Promotion was held in the framework of the Christmas Congress of Croatian Dental Chamber.

In the introductory speech, the President of Croatian Dental Chamber Hrvoje Pezo, MSc, DMD, welcomed new members of the Croatian Dental Chamber, emphasizing the importance of the quality of education provided by the Ambitio College in which it invests the most, and added that the Chamber will continue to support and encourage the quality of Ambitio’s work as a partner.

Director of Ambitio College Alen Stranjik, MSc in aeronautical engineering, congratulated them on successfully completed education and emphasized the importance of continuing lifelong education in this profession, which must keep up with new trends and technologies every day. In this regard, he invited them to participate in shorter one-day courses which will be organized by Ambitio College in 2020, where dental assistants can further advance, improve and learn their knowledge from the best lecturers in dental medicine. Teacher Dijana Didak, bachelor’s in dental technician, commended their efforts and commitment during their education and wished them a success in their work and further personal development. In addition, she reminded them that the acquisition of knowledge does not stop with the completion of this education, but it continues throughout the working life.

Certificates of completion of education and certificates of re-skilling program were given by Alen Stranjik and Dijana Didak. After the main ceremony the gathering continued with snacks in the company of family and teachers and staff of the College.

Upon completion of education, new dental assistants of re-skilling program fulfilled all prerequisites for obtaining a working license as dental assistant, and new dental assistants of secondary vocational education and retraining program are in a process of one year internship and an internship exam before fulfilling the conditions for obtaining a license.