Second professional development course held in Ambitio College

Second professional development course for dental assistants was held at dental cabinet of Ambitio College on 27th of April 2019. Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine evaluated this course with 10 points as a part of one of this year’s professional development courses for dental assistants.

Course’s topics were related to dental assisting in oral implantology surgical procedure, scheduling an appointment of patients in the dental clinic and occupational risks in working with patients with hepatitis in dental medicine.

Topics were presented in a way to create a discussion of the participants and exchange of their experiences from everyday work in dental medicine, which proved to be a very useful way of acquiring a new and expanding present knowledge. The participants had an opportunity to see how the presence of the virus in the pelvis was demonstrated and the protocol for dental assisting in oral implantology surgical procedure, i.e. the preparation of instruments and materials, the preparation of the patient for the surgical procedure and the procedures of dental assisting within the surgical procedure itself. Participants discussed about the parameters to be considered in the proper planning of patient care on the example of one dental assistant’s working day.

Since the goal of professional development training is to acquire new knowledge and skills, we believe that the course participants will be able to quickly apply knowledge at their workplaces as dental assistants and thus bring new positive changes to the quality of their work. Photos from the course you can find on this link.