Agreement for the ESF project “Improving Literacy in the Zagreb Health School” signed

The Agreement for the implementation of the project “Improvement of Literacy in the Zagreb Health School” funded by the European Social Fund in the amount of 1,489,755.23 HRK, was signed at the Minsitry of Science and Education on November 30th, 2018. Ambitio College as a partner to the Zagreb Health School as a beneficiary have started implementing this valuable project by signing the Agreement. Within this project 10 new facultative/extracurricular programs will be developed and implemented within the school curriculum of the Zagreb Health School focused on the development of natural, mathematical, digital, media, reading, multicultural and multilingual literacy.

The role of Ambitio College in this project is the management and administration of the project as well as the provision of technical and operational support to the teachers of the Zagreb Health School in the development of new programs, their implementation with pupils, organization and implementation of field classes and the creation of digital repository of teaching materials. Duration of the project is 24 months (30.11.2017. – 29.11.2019.).

You can read more information about the project on the project page.