Agreement of Mutual Cooperation was signed with the Dental Polyclinic Zagreb


At the beginning of February 2018 Ambitio College signed another very valuable agreement with the Dental Polyclinic Zagreb – Perkovečeva. The aim was to provide learners of all programs for the dental assistants the possibility of acquiring practical skills from the most experienced colleagues. Learners can accordingly acquire and improve skills in the real working environment and with the help of top experts which will be extremely important for performing the dental assistant work in the future. Agreement was signed by the director of Dental Clinic Zagreb Petra Nola Fuchs, PhD, DMD, Spec. Oral Surgery and Ambitio Colege Director Alen Stranjik, mag. ing. aeroing.

Learners of Ambitio College of all educational programs for dental assistants attend exercises in the new Ambitio College Exercise Center. After they complete the amount of exercise hours in the Center, they are referred to the external dental clinic. The value of this agreement is very significant for everyone involved in the educational process. Learners will be able to acquire practical skills from excellent experts through practical training in dental clinic, but also to show their quality and readiness for work in the clinic, which is very important for the possibility of further employment. Dental Polyclinic Zagreb will have an opportunity to evaluate and to choose the best prospective employees for themselves based on the work of learners in a real working environment. Ambitio College will continue to provide the most important strategy and principles in vocational education where work-based learning must be based on such cooperation.