Host of Accommodation Capacities are ready for the new challenges of working in tourism

On October 14th, 2019, the Ambitio College successfully completed the implementation of a free training program for the Host of Accommodation Capacities in Baška on the island of Krk within the ESF project “3D in Croatian Tourism – Training for the Shipboard Host, Host of Accommodation Capacities and Host of Family Tourism Farm”. The program included 2 days of theoretical and 11 days of practical training and a final exam. It was implemented for unemployed persons in order to help them easier  access to the labor market in the tourism and hospitality sector.

During these two weeks participants were gaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills to provide quality accommodation services in private tourism capacities at the partner of the project – Polo Line who has many years of experience in providing private accommodation services. They have gained knowledge in how to prepare and serve breakfast for guests as part of practical training. In addition, they have acquired knowledge about the business of providing accommodation services, how to communicate with guests, presenting an offer of  touristic destination, and cleaning and maintaining accommodation units. Learning from an experienced employer has proven to be very motivating and stimulating and acquired knowledge and skills will be helpful to them in their future work in tourism. The most prominent individuals will have the opportunity to get a job at one of the employers.

Upon compleation of practical training and final exam the participants received the certificates of attendance.