Dear learners of our adult educational and training programs,

you’ve shown curiosity and awareness of the need for continuous education and training by visiting the Ambitio College website. Curiosity reveals to us new opportunities, and when we are aware of new opportunities, we set new goals for ourselves. Our experience has shown us that success can be achieved if we are in a position of being first and if we continuously maintain it.
We want to ensure advantage by enabling you to acquire new specific knowledge, because the advantage allows you to be ahead of those who are waiting for something of their own to happen. Be different, be always ready for new challenges!
We have started these specific adult education and training programs to support you in your work, your self-confidence and career-advancement, and to enable you to always be one step ahead of demands you are dealing with. Only the knowledge makes us different, we are the same in all other respects.
Ambitio College was founded in 2011 with the aim of conducting unique adult education and training programs which would enable learners to be firmly positioned in the labor market. Today’s labor market demands the educational programs and training to have added value thereby setting new standards, increasing the quality of education, but also setting a new employment criterion.
Being aware of Croatia’s presence in the European Union as a full member, we have prepared the education programs and training for aquiring the knowledge and qualifications approved and recognized in the European Union. We are here to help you gain an advantage over others in the labor market! Thank you for showing us your trust. It is up to us to fulfill your expectations and justify the trust you have placed us.

Alen Stranjik, mag. ing. aeroing.