“Vision of Ambitio College is to be a reputable educational institution which conducts high quality programs for professions which require specific knowledge and skills and to offer reliable support in the transfer of knowledge and skills and in cooperation with the economy, thus offering a guarantee for future employment for adult learners or improving their efficiency and work quality.”

Precondition for achieving our vision is the integration of the profession into the educational process through cooperation with lecturers who are verified experts in the practical application of knowledge. For this reason, one of the basic criteria for selecting lecturers is a continuous work in a profession and satisfying presentation skills which are important for effective transfer of knowledge to the learners.

Due to a need for today’s continuous lifelong learning we would also like to offer support to our learners after completing their education program, guiding them toward the achievement of their goals. Our present positive and years long experience in education is our guarantee for achieving the successful vision.