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Project title: Regional Center of Competence Mlinarska (KK.

Call title for project proposals: Establishment of the infrastructure of regional centers of competence in vocational education as a support of the process of reform of vocational education and training (European Regional Development Fund)


Beneficiary: Škola za medicinske sestre Mlinarska

Partners of project:

Zdravstveno učilište

Grad Zagreb


Collaborators of the project:



Aims of the project

To increase the relevance and quality of vocational education in the Republic of Croatia.


Specific objectives of the project

  • to improve the infrastructure and modernize the equipment of RCC Mlinarska in order to improve the spatial and technical conditions for the implementation of educational programs in the health sector
  • to improve and strengthen cooperation with other similar centers for the acquisition of practical skills and theoretical knowledge in line with the needs of the labor market with the growth of employability of participants and increase the regional impact of the program.


Purpose of the project

The implementation of this project will significantly improve the infrastructure of the Regional Center of Competence Mlinarska in the (sub) health sector. Investing in infrastructure works and equipping with modern equipment will create spatial and technical conditions that will ensure increased relevance and development of high quality vocational education and training in the health sector and its harmonization with labor market needs while increasing the employability of VET participants and stronger cooperation with similar centers.

The main activities of the RCC will be regular education, additional training and retraining, as well as adult education and lifelong learning. RCC is intended for different groups of beneficiaries: regular students, people with completed high school who want to reskill for one of the occupations in the health subsector, people who have not started or dropped out of high school and who want to gain qualifications in the health subsector, students with disabilities, educational and health professionals. The RCC will encourage cooperation with stakeholders from various sectors in order to adapt educational programs to the needs of the labor market, which will make a great contribution to improving the quality of vocational education. Cooperation with economic and educational collaborators will provide practical training for students, teachers and employees in accordance with the needs of the labor market with participation at the regional level and enabled cooperation with similar centers in the EU.


Total value of the project: HRK 28.948.899,52

Total EU Grants: HRK 28.948.899,52

Project implementation period: 26 months, from 16th July 2019 to 16th September 2021


Contact person for additional information: Alen Stranjik

Function: Head of Ambitio College

Phone: +385 1 4677 802

E-mail: alen.stranjik@uciliste-ambitio.hr



Project is financed by European Regional Development Fund. 

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