Workshop on venepuncture in the dental practice

On March 26th, 2022, a professional workshop Venepuncture in the dental practice was held in Ambitio College. Dental assistants participated at the workshop. Workshop was led by Maja Barošević, MSM, is the head nurse of the Department of Oral Surgery at the Clinic of Dentistry of the Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb and the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Zagreb.

Workshop included theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part of the workshop included the following topics: opening the venous tract, venous blood sampling and preparation of the PRF protocol.

In a dynamic and cheerful atmosphere in the practical part of the workshop, the participants actively participated in the demonstration of venepuncture on the school phantom of the hand model and then tried the same procedure on their hand. Workshop trainer demonstrated the preparation of accessories and materials for PRF technology, which produces platelet-enriched fibrin, centrifugation and preparation of autologous material, plasma rich in growth factors.

At the end of the workshop, each participant received a Certificate of attendance.