Online meeting of partners and trainers in Erasmus+ project “Skill me 4 Job”

On February 8th, 2023, Ambitio College held an online meeting of partners and trainers – professional associates who will be creating soft skills workbooks as part of the Erasmus+ KA2 project ” Skill me 4 Job”. For the implementation of this project activity, each partner provided its own expert in the field of soft skills development who has years of experience working in this field.

The introductory part of the meeting was reserved for getting to know the trainers and their work experiences in the field of soft skills.

Later the project was presented, the objectives of first activity and the key information for creating workbooks were discussed. 10 workbooks will be created in digital format for 10 soft skills. The workbooks will contain problem tasks from real business and private situations and a shorter theory in the introductory part that concerns a particular skill. The problem tasks will be in textual, visual and/or audiovisual form with the participants engaging in the necessary research on the Internet to solve the assigned task. The workbooks will be additional learning material while using the Essential Skills Program platform. Each partner and his trainer will create 5 workbooks in English, and ultimately all workbooks will be in English, Croatian, and Dutch. At the same time, the period required for the creation of all workbooks is proposed, which will be adjusted if necessary and will be in accordance with the trainer’s capabilities. Some workbooks will also contain a green dimension. Partners and trainers agreed that it is necessary to define the template of one workbook that will be a blueprint for all other workbooks. Development of first workbooks is starting soon.

This innovative project, in which Ambitio College is the coordinator, and Stichting Exe-leren from the Netherlands is the partner, was financed from the Erasmus+ program of the European Union in the total amount of EUR 60,000.00 and will be implemented for 17 months (December 1, 2022 – December 30, 2022). April 2024).