First school textbooks on Dental Assistance 1 are published

Ambitio College recently published the first school textbook on Dental Assistance 1 approved by the Ministry of Science and Education, which will be used by all medical schools which provide the qualification for dental assistants in 2021/2022. The creation of the textbook was made possible thanks to the support of the Clinic of Dentistry of the Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb, the authors who created the teaching content for two new school textbooks, editors and reviewers. This textbook will help dental assistants in their future workplace. Our lecturers Ivanka Firić, MSN, also contributed to the creation of the textbook and Dijana Didak, Bachelor of Nursing, which we are especially proud of.

The textbooks are already in the Ambitio College, and every future participant in the secondary vocational education of dental assistants will receive a textbook free of charge. Also, the textbook will be provided free of charge to each of our adult learners at the Ambitio College, which will certainly help him during education and improve the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

The textbooks were published within the framework of the project “Regional Center of Competence Mlinarska”, which is fully funded by the European Union from the European Social Fund in the amount of 46,555,165.83 kn, in which the Ambitio College participates as one of the partners of the Škola za medicinske sestre Mlinarska (School of Medical Nurses Mlinarska).