Ambitio Collegue participated at EPALE conference in Budapest

On October 15-16, 2018, Ambitio Collegue, as one of EPALE’s representatives from Croatia, participated in the pan-European conference of EPALE stakeholders in Budapest. Agency for Vocational Education and Adult Education as a EPALE National Support Service for the Republic of Croatia has selected only two participating institutions among the numerous adult education institutions, one of which is Ambitio Collegue. Proof of this is the devoted work of the Ambitio Collegue on the development and implementation of innovative educational programs, recognized by the quality and demand in the market of education services, the experience of national and international co-operation on projects with other stakeholders in the field of adult education as well as the active contribution to the development of EPALE platform.

The adult learning event gathered over 250 national government representatives, EPALE members, European stakeholders and representatives from the European Commission.

The aim of the conference was to exchange opinions of EPALE stakeholders on how they want to see EPALE develop in the medium term, discussions on the potential development of adult education policies at European level after 2020 and to raise awareness of the opportunities offered by the EPALE platform for all those working in the field adult education and learning.

During the first day of the event, participants had the opportunity to take part in interactive polls and questionnaires on topics related to adult learning, ask questions during the panel discussion, learn about previous successful projects through EPALE, and be the first to learn about adult learning in the new Erasmus+ Programme.

The second day of the conference was dedicated to EPALE’s national support services where they discussed innovative ideas and make suggestions about how EPALE could develop over the coming years.

Gathering of all participants in the formal and informal part of the programme was an opportunity for networking with potential partners for future co-operation and projects.

Through its active participation at the conference, Ambitio Collegue achieved the recognition and quality of its educational programs among other stakeholders in adult education in the EU, contributed to the future development of adult education policy at European level and laid the foundations for future co-operation, and these are added values to the adult learners, teachers and associates of Ambitio Collegue.