Promotion of Skill Improvement Training for Dental Assistants

Promotion of 10th generation of the program of skill improvement training for dental assistants was held on 15th of December 2018 at the Sheraton Hotel Zagreb. Promotion was held in the framework of the Christmas Dental Congress.

Certificates were given by the President of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine, Hrvoje Pezo, MSc, DMD and teacher Dijana Didak, Bachelor in Dental Technician. Dijana Didak commended the effort and commitment of adult learners for their hard work and dedication during the education and emphasized the importance of the quality of education they had gained in the Ambitio College. At the same time she reminded them to continue working on their personal and professional development and wished them a successful job on the dental assistant position. Upon receiving the certificates, participants have fulfilled all the prerequisites for obtaining a work license as a dental assistant. After the main ceremony the gathering continued with snacks in the company of family and teachers.