Promotion of 9th generation of dental assistants on Dentex 2018

Ceremonial promotion of the 9th generation of dental assistants was held on Saturday, May 19th, 2018 in the framework of the International Dental Medicine Fair “Dentex”. Participants of the Skill Improvement Training for Dental Assistants were received the certificates by the President of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine mr. sc. Hrvoje Pezo, dr. med. dent., Deputy President of Chamber prof. dr. sc. Pavel Kobler, dr. med. dent., and Director of Ambitio Collegue Alen Stranjik mag. ing. aeroing. The President of the Dental Assistant Class Denis Milošević, bacc. med. techn. who on this occasion pointed out that she was extremely pleased to see the arrival of the new 22 dental assistants into the umbrella organisation Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine. She emphasised that she will be available for all their questions and that she is open to cooperation. Upon receiving the certificates, participants have fulfilled all the prerequisites for obtaining a work license as a dental assistant.