Grant Contract Signing Ceremony for the ESF Project “3D in Croatian Tourism”

Grant Contract Signing Ceremony funded by the European Social Fund was held on April 10th, 2018 at the Ministry of Tourism, within the framework of the new project of Ambitio College „3D in Croatian Tourism – Training for the Shipboard Host, Host of  Accommodation Capacities and Host of Family Tourist Farm“. The grant contract was signed between the Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian Employment Service as well as between intermediate bodies and Ambitio College as the beneficiary, and the partners POLO LINE d.o.o., HORVAT TOURISM – TRAVEL AGENCY d.o.o., PUSTARA VIŠNJICA d.o.o. and AMBITIO SANA d.o.o. Twenty applied projects out of sixty seven were selected to be financied including this project.

The aim of the project is to activate and educate unemployed persons under the age of 25 and older than 54 in cooperation with the Croatian Enployment Service at the level of the entire Republic of Croatia and the mentioned partners as mentoring support, thus facilitating their access to the labor market in the tourism and hospitality sector. The value of the project is 1,953,931.36 kuna.