First conference of the ESF project “Education to work and sports in Zagreb tourism”

First conference of the ESF project ” Education for Work and Sports in Zagreb Tourism” was held at Jarun, near the Windsurfing Club Zagreb on June 10th, 2020. Project has been implementing by Ambitio College since March 26th, 2019, in partnership with Horvat turizam – putnička agencija d.o.o., and is financed from the European Social Fund, in the amount of HRK 991.253,83. Conference were visited by media representatives and guests.

The project will increase the employability of 42 unemployed people under the age of 30 by acquiring professional and general competencies and soft skills, through innovative and learning-based formal training programs for instructor of recreational windsurfing, recreational sailing and recreational kayaking and canoeing.

Active tourism is a modern and increasingly demanded form of tourist offer among domestic and foreign tourists, so in this sense these training programs can further improve and expand the tourist offer by certified instructors in Zagreb, Zagreb County and Croatia. Furthermore, the director of Ambitio College, Alen Stranjik, pointed out: “Croatian tourism needs additional facilities for an active holiday. Tourists are no longer satisfied with just a passive vacation, but they are looking for dynamics and a call for action that will spice up their vacation with a dose of adrenaline. This was recognized by Ambitio College and that is why, thanks to the European Social Fund, we have enabled the training of instructors who will be able to respond to today’s challenges of active tourism. ” Because of such challenges, the role of the partner in the project is also important. “Horvat tourism – putnička agencija d.o.o. allows interested people the availability of different types of sports such as skiing, sailing, cycling. That is why we entered the project to support the creation of new capacities in the offer of sailing, windsurfing and kayaking / canoeing “, said Miroslav Horvat, director of Horvat tourism – putnička agencija d.o.o., a partner of the project.

More information about the project in available on the following link: .