“Creating new values in the field of human resources through education and training of people in deficit areas of profession and in interaction with the labor market.”

We create new values ​​through the education and transfer of knowledge and skills that follow up the contemporary achievements in science and the profession of our learners.

Regardless of the time we live in and work, the education which would result with the achievement of goals for one’s own professional and social development is required. Our mission is determed to continuously monitor the labor market and our educational programs are developed with respect to learner’s needs and to provide our learners with employment and career-advancement in the workplace.

We incorporate more values into our curricula, ​​that will ensure learners with the advantages and application on a global scale. Apart from acquiring nationally accredited learning outcomes, knowledge and skills, learners through our programs acquire not only international certificates required to work in Europe, but also required in other countries around the world. Our mission is to make a person competitive in the labor market.