[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]WHERE THE IDEA FOR THE PROJECT CAME FROM?

Ambitio College as a partner to the Zagreb Health School has successfully applied to ESF (European Social Fund) tender Literacy Improvement – the Foundation of Lifelong Learning. In that regard Ambitio will manage and administrate the project as well as provide technical and operational support to the teachers of the Zagreb Health School in the development of new programs, their implementation, organization and realiyation of field classes and the creation of digital repository of teaching materials. The idea of the project came from years of collaboration in related educational programs and from human resource capacities of the Zagreb Health School with the intention of making a contribution to the development of new optional and extra-curricular programs for the improvement of students.

Aim of the project:

To develop and implement 10 new facultative/extracurricular subjects within the school curriculum focused on the development of natural, mathematical, digital, media, reading, multicultural and multilingual literacy.


Purpose of the project:

The Zagreb Health School as beneficiary and Ambitio College as a partner will develop and implement within the school curriculum 10 new facultative and extracurricular subjects focused on the development of natural, mathematical, digital, media, reading, multicultural and multilingual literacy.

The project has two target groups: secondary school students and teachers.

The project will develop the competences in accordance with students’ needs for continuing education or high-quality entry into the labor market as well as awareness of the importance of lifelong learning. Thus, will achieve the overal goal of improving literacy by developing a set of skills and knowledge that will enable them to find, evaluate, process and use information, which is also the main added value and impact that the project will have on this target group in the long run.

In addition, personal teaching capacities will be strengthened, and new teacher competencies will be developed in the application of learning methods and education programs based on learning outcomes. This approach will help teachers to be trained in the fields of media, digital, science, math, multilingual, multicultural and reading literacy and they will gain additional competencies. At the same time this kind of approach will enable teachers to focus more on the innovative approach to learning, which should also be the main added value of the project for this target group.


Expected project results:

  • Development of programs and digital repositories for ten extracurricular activities and faculty subjects within the school curriculum for multiple types of literacy
  • Professional Training of Teachers of Zagreb Health School in applying learning methods and learning programs based on learning outcomes
  • Implementation of extracurricular activities and facultative subjects within the school curriculum for multiple types of literacy during the school year 2018/2019
  • Introducing Merlin – Distance Learning System at School


Total value of the project: 1,489,755.23 kn

Total EU Grants: 1,489,755.23 kn

Project implementation period: 24 months, from 1st December 2017 to 30th November 2019


Contact person for additional information: Alen Stranjik

Function: Ambitio College Director

Phone: +385 1 4677 802

Email: alen.stranjik@uciliste-ambitio.hr


More details on the official page of the project.


Project is financed by European Union from European Social Fund. 

The sole responsibility for the content of this website lies with Ambitio College.


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