„3D in Croatian Tourism“ Press Conference

Press Conference and presentation of the unique project „3D in Croatian Tourism – Training for the Shipboard Host, Host of  Accommodation Capacities and Host of Family Tourist Farm“,  financed from the European Social Fund in the amount of HRK 1,953,931.36, was held on June 27th, 2018. Ambitio College as the beneficiary implements the project togethter with the partners Polo Line d.o.o. from Baška, Pustara Višnjica d.o.o. from Slatina, Horvat Tourism Travel Agency d.o.o. and famous brand Skipper4you and Ambitio Sana d.o.o. from Zagreb, whose representatives also participated at the conference.

“During the next two years, the project will develop and implement three training programs for the Shipboard Host, Host of Accommodation Capacities and Host of Family Tourist Farm in which 50 unemployed persons from vulnerable groups of younger than 25 and older than 54 will participate in the training “emphasized Alen Stranjik, Head of Ambitio College. Thus will contribute to employment growth and poverty reduction through activities that help vulnerable groups of 25- and 54+ to enhance their skills and easier integrate into the labor market.

Press conference has proven the fact that there are no persons on the market that would meet all the needs of today’s guests in Croatian tourism. Miroslav Horvat, owner of Horvat Turism Travel Agency d.o.o. emphasized that the development of nautical tourism will depend on the quality of staff that must come from wider education. Branka Polonijo, director of tourist agency Polo Line d.o.o. from Baška emphasized the fact that from private accommodation today is expected much more in order to meet all guests’ needs, and the number of accommodation capacity investors is on the rise.

Project manager Antonija Stranjik points out that it is already possible to sign up for participation in training programs through this project, and plan for the coming months is to visit all counties and CESs in order to include and educate the target group of the project in the summer of 2019. The project will also develop and implement a training program for educators and mentors in professional knowledge and pedagogical skills in order to gain additional skills for teaching the vulnerable groups and increase personal capacities in an innovative approach to teaching and e-learning system for all three programs.